Semester-long course for anyone wanting to acquire creative skills with focused objectives

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Course schedule:

Jan 19th – May 11th 2022*

In-class time slots:
Group 1: Wed 17:00–20:00

Pricing: 990–1190€

*no teaching on weeks 8, 12, and 15

Course types

  • Online course
  • In-class course

Suitable for

Anyone preparing for art, design or architecture college or university applications or who wants to acquire creative skills with focused objectives.


Sini Koivisto
+358 40 554 5595


In the English taught preparatory course, you will acquire essential ideation skills and design tools that will make your work interesting both in terms of content and visuality. You will learn to apply the techniques you use in a versatile way and to combine the best aspects of different techniques. During the course you will begin to develop your own personal style and learn how to stand out from the crowd.

Ambitious practice in a comfortable and supportive group gives you a strong routine for any type of creative goals. The course can prepare you for college or university application process, portfolio preparation or lay the foundation for success in your own creative practice.

Content and teaching

The course focuses on strengthening your expression and developing your own personal style. The most important lessons are e.g. composition, colors, light and shadow, human shape, perspective and specific design field lessons. Most importantly, your skills will be developed and maintained through weekly assignments and critiques. Regular and committed practice ensures the acquisition of skills and essential tools and it develops a good knowledge of how to create interesting visual content. The course encourages you to commit and resiliently work on the assignments in order to develop to the next level.

If you need more practice in the basic technical skills, such as drawing, painting and model building techniques, consider the Scandinavian Design School’s* Art Foundation content as an online version to simultaneously support your prep course progress.

The course has 12 in class lessons, each 3 hours long. During the teaching session we talk and discuss your previous week assignments and teach a new subject via lecture and quick practice tasks. Each week you will get two home
assignment projects that put your technical and design skills into work. The course is very conversational and encourages the students to look at the world in a new, visual way.

The course is aimed for students who want to invest in a focused and committed practice. With the course you will get a lot of experience in brainstorming and image building, which will raise your skills to the level required in creative field higher education.

*Scandinavian Design School is our international brand offering the same high class pedagogical art course contents in English online versions.

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Study independently from anywhere in the world
Weekly lectures and assignments
Personal feedback from your assignments
36 learning hours + independent time working on your assignments
12 video lessons & learning packages
24 project assignments
2 voluntary exam simulations




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Study with inspiring group in our comfortable school premises in the heart of Helsinki
Weekly lectures and assignments
Professional teacher interaction
Personal feedback from your assignments
36 learning hours + independent time working on your assignments
12 lectures and learning packages
24 project assignments
2 voluntary exam simulations